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Glen's Coffee Shop Tour

Recently, I embarked on a Foodie Tour to discover some of the charm and flavor that is resident in some of the Mid South's locally owned coffee shops.  My intent was not (necessarily) to explore the Coffee, but the vibe, ambiance and food/pastries that come along with the mocha experience.

Screenshot 2023-09-11 203509_edited.jpg

Why a Coffee Shop Tour

I Love Memphis, and recently I challenged myself to get to know the M-Town better by getting out of my comfort zone and exploring all that it has to offer.  I've done several restaurant tours, but I wanted something to do on a Saturday morning to awaken my senses and love for food and drink exploration.  Also, while the retail shop may be the destination, the real destination is learning more about the city, its locales, and the people that represent it. That's WHY I chose a Coffee Tour as the 'metaphor' for "Memphis Tour".

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